About Us

OUR LEADERSHIP – Harley Johnson is the pastor of New Life Church. His dedication to teaching God’s Word  and willingness to share what he is learning from the Holy Spirit have truly blessed our church as he shares God’s message of salvation and grace. His wife is a compassionate servant of the Lord also. The church is governed by an Elder Board of Godly men, including the pastor, who have the responsibility for caring for spiritual needs of the congregation. A Deacon Board has responsibility for the the church building needs.


OUR MUSIC MINISTRY – At New Life Church, we enjoy a mix of Traditional and Contemporary music!  Something for everyone to enjoy!  We diligently seek God’s guidance on the music lineup for each week’s service.


MISSIONARIES – We send support to some missionaries, locally, nationally, and internationally, who share our love for Jesus and His Word.


A BRIEF CHURCH HISTORY – Our charter members established our church in 1952. When we outgrew our original church building, we began building our new church building in 1993.  We moved into the new building, located on the south edge of Mondamin IA, in November of 1995.   In May 2017 the name of the church was changed from Mondamin Baptist Church to New Life Church.  

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