Hello & Welcome to New Life Church

Welcome to New Life Church!  We are a church focused on helping you live the life God has always intended you to have.  Please take a moment to look around our new website.  Here are some suggestions for your time on our website.

  1. You can find what our Church believes on our beliefs page.
  2. Our calendar lists all the current activities at our Church.
  3. The you’re invited page lists upcoming events hosted by our Church AND information about other events you may be interested in!
  4. On our ministries page you find many ways to connect with our Church.
  5. Any other questions visit our contact page.

Come join us Sunday mornings to experience a great community of people!

PLEASE NOTE:  Our website is normally updated every Tuesday afternoon with the most recent Sermon, Announcements, Calendar & “You’re Invited” events.

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1 Response to Hello & Welcome to New Life Church

  1. Dayna Wulf says:

    I have been so blessed by your sermons on being conjoined. I just re-listened to one of them this morning. I have also copied them and am giving them to my bible study gals this next week in their Christmas gifts. Merry Christmas to you and Deanna and all there at your church.

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