New JAMmin Book Challenge  (named for Joyce Ann McC)  Just TWO weeks until Kids Shop Event… YOU can earn extra points!!  Kids & books from NLC Library, fill up Punch Cards, redeem the card for POINTS toward Kids Prizes / Kids Shop Day. Get your card today…see Anna or Lydia!  Adults can join too… you can give your points to a child of your choice!  Ongoing results will be posted outside of the Library weekly! 


“THANKS SO MUCH  For the SHOEBOXES & DONATIONS!”  Each Shoebox has a  lifechanging impact on the child who receives it!


”Ladies Bible Study  Grace” WILL be THIS Tuesday Dec 1st.  Lunch at 11:30am; and Bible Study at noon. 


Interested in Being Baptized?”  The Elders have received a request for a baptism.  If interested see an Elder soon.


“Join Us!  Tues Prayer Group”  Join us!!  The  Prayer Group now meets on TUESDAY Nights 7-8pm.  Call Chris, Leon or Penny if you’d like to join us by phone!  Or come to the church!  Prayer is SOOO important!


“Kids Shop Event In Just Two Weeks…Dec 6”  DID YOU KNOW? there is NO BUDGET for the Kids Shop Event?  And we REALLY need more gift donations (by NEXT Sunday please…so we have time to set up).  NEW or used gifts ok!  Can you help?

* Mostly we need donations for Men, Teen Boys.

* OR If you’re rather…you can donate $ toward the purchase of some gifts.


While it’d be SO NICE if parents / grandparents could relax Dec 6…we really need at least 9 volunteers.  Can you help? 

* Kitchen/Hospitality (1) have volunteer

* Runner (1) have volunteer

* Shopping Helper (1)

* Gift Wrap (6)

* Teardown (4) after event

* Kids Tickets will be given to parents via text Wed Dec 2 with total points earned thru Nov 29 & approx time each child will shop…to help you plan ahead.

* Dec 6, kids, helpers & families will be provided lunch & holiday treats! 

* All Kids Points will be saved till Dec 6.  KIDS!!  Double point days Nov 22, 29 and Dec 6. (EARN EXTRA POINTS by participating in JAMmin Book Challenge).


“Baby Basket Event” We could REALLY use regular small donations from each church family.  Diapers needed Sz 1, 5 & 6.  We’re OUT of toiletries can you buy $5 worth to help?  We’re ok on used clothes for now.


“Can YOU Clear the  Snow Off the SIDEWALKS This Winter?”  Neil does the PARKING LOT…but could use 2 or 3 volunteers to clear sidewalks on Sunday mornings as needed this Winter