“Homeless Bags” Thanks SO much for your donations toward the Homeless Bags!!  Mary K has volunteered to pick up the items, which will be assembled at “Childrens Square” & brought back to us for distribution.

”Splash Pad Events!”  Two events are being considered for Sat, Aug 7 at Mondamin & possibly Sat, Aug 14 at Sloan.  We’re passing out popsicles & fliers about our church & upcoming events!

“Baby Basket Event Aug 8th   Need VOLUNTEER for this event. You’re needed!  Plz take a turn.  (the last two volunteers were Penny F and Deanna J).  Items needed listed here:

* Girls–Newborn, 9 & 18 Mo, 3T-5T

* Boys – 2T, 3T Plz pick up a small pkg of diapers.

* Diapers – Size 1

* Wipes – We’re okay for now Plz pick up a few toiletries… shampoo, baby wash & lotion,

* Toiletries – We assorted toiletries

* Volunteer/s Needed for Aug 8

“2021 Parade List”  Here’s a List of remaining parades:

Mo Valley – Sat, Jul 24

Modale – TBD

Magnolia – Sat, Aug 21

Little Sioux – TBD

“Creative Winner” For this week is Lydia F.  She receives a box of candy!  See how MANY  challenges can you tackle AT THE SAME TIME?  (For example… #A  CAN you read ON YOUR BED, NEXT TO A DRESSER, BY MY TOYS, UPSTAIRS, IN MY BEDROOM, UNDER A BLANKET, WITH A FLASHLIGHT, WHILE SOMEONE IS COOKING, WHILE DAD IS READING, AFTER BREAKFAST? 10 challenges!  OR #B CAN you read AT THE TABLE, BY A WINDOW, DOWNSTAIRS, IN THE KITCHEN, AFTER LUNCH, TO A RECORDER, READ BY FLASHLIGHT, READING TO YOUR DOG?  6 more challenges!)  Just write an A or B next to the challenge to track this.  Then write the DATE you did #A or #B somewhere on the page one time.  Have fun with this!  Fun Prize awarded if you get to 75!  WEEKLY RECOGNITION OF THE CREATIVE WAYS YOU CONQUERED THIS CHALLENGE!  Pick up your copy of this Creative Challenge at the SRC Display Table!  TEAM NAMES were assigned this week!

Ladies Bible Study  Join us!!   We meet twice a month for lunch & Bible Study.  Study material will be determined soon.

“Scriptures For You”

“So faith comes from what is heard, and what is heard comes by the preaching of Christ.”  Romans 10:17