“Special Meeting Feb 28” due to severe cold & snow, the Special Meeting was postponed until Sun, Feb 28th.

“Ladies Day Out Event!”  Cabin Fever Yet?  Need your input this event!  Are you interested?  What type of event  (Crafts, Cooking, or Movie Event?  At church or at Penny’s house?  Does  Sat, March 20th work for you? At signup table.

“Two Opportunities for You”  Security Committee AND/ OR Outreach Committee Your opportunity to help address security concerns for our church.  AND/OR Be a part of planning special outreach events for our church.  Meetings will be handled via group telephone calls.  Questions?  See Chris.

“Ladies Fellowship Lunch” Proposed 2021 Ladies Fellowship Luncheons List is in your mailfolders this morning.  The FIRST Luncheon for this season is set for Tue, Mar 9 at The Pizza Post in Sloan.  Signup List will be available NEXT Sunday.

”Next Ladies Bible Study”  “Grace” will be Wed, Mar 10.  Lunch at 11:30am; Bible Study noon.

Last Wk For Pro-Life Display If you haven’t taken the time to see what’s there…why not stop by today.

Info sheets are available today at the ProLife Display Table in the sanctuary.  Fill out an order form if you’d like a copy and Penny will get it to you next Sunday.

Have You Considered God’s Heartbreak?  Abortions are legal in all 3 trimesters of pregnancy… meaning:

Anytime before the baby is born the mother can opt to abort the baby, whether or not the baby is considered

  • Medically viable (23 weeks)
  • legally viable (50% chance of survival outside the womb)
  • can feel pain (medical community generally agrees this happens at 20 weeks ‘if not before’)

Aside from these factors…each baby is made in the image of our Mighty God, and deserves the right to live!  In an age where society protects animals above humans, We need to make prayer a priority for babies & families affected by this horrible decision.  Did you realize 61,628,584 Babies Are Dead since Jan 21, 1973, when Roe v Wade court decision legalized abortion in America? 1,558,610 babies died in 2020!

“Febr Baby Basket Event Was Cancelled” NEXT EVENT IS MAR 14 Need volunteer(s) please!  Also if you haven’t given in awhile, please pick up a couple of things this week.  Diapers Sz NB, 1 & 6.  We’re OUT of toiletries can you buy $5…need shampoo, baby wash, baby lotion.  GIRLS  need 12 & 18 mo, Sz 2-4T.  BOYS need Sz 3-4T.  We could REALLY use regular small donations from EACH church family.

“Have you Joined Yet?”  The NLC JAMmin Book Challenge  Kids! Adults! Read books from NLC Library, fill up Punch Cards, redeem card for POINTS toward Kids Prizes. Get your card today from Anna or Lydia!  Adults can give  pts to a child of your choice!