Exchanged Life


Our former Pastor, Harley Johnson, was a trained leader in the Exchanged Life Ministries.  He led some area GraceLife Conferences.  Harley Johnson died unexpectedly on December 29, 2019.  But as we, as a church body, seek to further the message of Grace, we are providing you information about Exchange Life Ministries.   Contact them directly through the website provided below.  Or you can call can also call the church if you have trouble contacting Exchange Life Ministries, headquartered out of Colorado.

About Exchange Life Ministries – Exchange   Life Ministries, Colorado (ELM), is a non-profit, non-denominational organization.  It was organized for the purpose of helping to equip members of the body of Christ to experience, mature in, and effectively communicate the message of the Cross and the Exchange Life in all its implications in their various spheres of influence, so that all may know Christ as Savior, Lord, and Life.

The ELM staff provides Christ-centered counseling to Christians and non-Christians who are hurting in their private lives, personal relationships and desperate circumstances – people who long to be set free from destructive pasts, disabling depressions, anxieties, worries, doubts, fears, rejection, chronic bondage, marital problems, and controlling relationships.

We also provide Biblical teaching and training through GraceLife Conferences, Workshops, retreats and seminars, as well as Advanced Training for those who desire to help others.

The GraceLife Conference…Discover the Master’s Plan for Mastering Life!  This conference is a spiritual growth seminar, available to everyone who wants to understand the principles of the Exchanged Life.  It is the Building Blocks of an intimate relationship with Christ, leading to spiritual maturity as a disciple.

The GraceLife Conference is designed to help all Christians, including those with marital and family relationship problems, anxiety, depression, and problems related to dysfunctional living.  It offers a different perspective on living the Christian life.  It is called the “Exchanged Life.”  It is not another self-help program.  It is not another exercise of relation plan.  It is a life-changing, Biblical, Christ-centered plan for understanding your identity in Christ.  By living a life of grace, you will experience a new freedom and joy in life:  A new – and true – sense of peace, and a real experience of the presence and guidance of God in all you are and all you do.

Some of the GraceLife Topics are:

  • The Nature of the Flesh
  • The “Exchanged Life”
  • Journey to the Cross
  • The Believer’s Identity
  • The Believer’s Victory

For more information you can also see the Exchanged Life Ministries website at


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