I am unable to upload the weekly Messages for the time being.  We are looking into a new method to upload messages.  Check this out in a month of two to see if we are again uploading them. Dec 2021


I was able to upload the messages from four of the current weeks unto the website this week.  However, they uploaded in a different format.  I WAS able to listen to them (volume was VERY soft…so I hope you are able to get more volume or you will have trouble hearing them!)  I will continue to work on this problem. 

MSG NLC 06-13-21


MSG NLC 06-06-21


MSG 05-30-21


MSG NLC 05-16-21


MSG NLC 05-09-21


We apologize, but we have been unable to upload the messages for awhile now.  The problem is being addressed…and hopefully soon, we’ll be able to share the messages with you once more.  

4-04-21  Happy Easter!!   We listened to a message by Francis Chan this morning!

3-28-21  Unable to upload file in correct format.  We apologize for this ongoing problem.  Hopefully will be fixed soon.  

3-21-21  Unable to locate file

3-14-21  After several attempts, am unable to upload this file.  

3-07-21 – Listened to Service from Flatirons Church in Lafayette CO.  Go to to listen to this message.

2-28-21   Unable to locate the message from this morning.  I will keep looking.  

2-21-21  We didn’t have church today because of very heavy snowfall.

2-14-21  We didn’t have church because of extreme cold conditions.

NLC 2-7-21   

We are experiencing problems with syncing some of our files.  I was able to add a few of the recent messages, so please enjoy the messages from 1-17-21 and 1-24-21. We will continue to work on this problem and try to upload the messages from 1-10-21.

NLC 1-31-21

NLC 1-24-21  Message by Chris F 

We’re having a problem syncing up the Dropbox between the Soundroom & Main Computer…so have been unable to download the Messages for a couple of weeks.  We are working on this problem…and as soon as we have the problem fixed, will download the Messages from 1-10-21 and 1-17-21.

NLC 1-17-21

NLC 1-3-21

NLC 12-27-20    

NLC 12-20-20 – Copy     Message by Glenn P – Giving To God

NLC 12-13-20    Message by Chris F – Christmas

msg 12-07-14     Message by Chris F – Ten Commandments

msg 11-30-14    Message by John A – Ten Commandments

We have replaced our main computer and are up and running again!  Thank you for your patience!

We are experiencing some computer problems and are not able to upload the messages to our website for a few weeks.  We apologize for this and hope you’ll check back with us in a week or two to listen to future messages.

10-04-20    The Message by John A was not recorded.

NLC 09-20–20  Message by Chris F – The Armor of God

09-13-20  Message not recorded.

NLC 09-06-20  Message by Chris F – The Armor of God

NLC 08-30-2020

NLC 08-23-2020

NLC 08-16-20   The Armor of God II  (message by Chris F)

08-09-20  Fellowship Day!  Worship in the Park!   (Message by John A not recorded).

NLC 08-02-2020  The Armor of God I  (message by Chris F)

NLC 7-26-2020    the Message by John A

07-19-20  Sorry – the Message by Chris F didn’t get recorded!  Hopefully we can figure out the problem & start recording the Messages again this coming Sunday, July 26th!!

07-12-20  Sorry – the Message by John A didn’t get recorded…again!

07-05-20  Sorry – the Message by Chris F did not get recorded!

06-28-20  Sorry – the Message by John A did not get recorded.

06-21-20 – Listened to message from Flatirons Church in Lafayette CO.

06-14-20 – Message by John A  NLC 6-14-20

06-07-20 – Testimony – Penny F

05-31-20 – Listened to message from Flatirons Church in Lafayette CO.

05-24-20 – Testimony – John A

05-17-20 – Listened to Service from Flatirons Church in Lafayette CO.  Sermon was on ‘the New Norm’.  Go to to listen to this message.

05-10-20 – Message by John A   NLC 05-10-20


EFFECTIVE MARCH 17 THRU APRIL 30TH  – IOWA GOVERNOR KIMBERLY REYNOLDS ISSUED A MANDATE PROHIBITING GATHERINGS OF MORE THAN 10 PEOPLE TO HELP CURB THE SPREAD OF THE CORONAVIRUS.  THEREFORE, OUR WORSHIP SERVICES ARE CANCELLED UNTIL THE MANDATE IS LIFTED.   For the time being, the mandate is extended until APRIL 30, 2020.   This may change.  You are encouraged to worship from home by viewing a Message from Flatirons Church in Lafayette CO.  Go to to listen to the series on “Pieces”.

NLC 03-15-2020      Personal Testimony  (not shared on website)

NLC 03-08-2020     Speaker John A

NLC 03-01-20    We are showing a Series called “Pieces” from Flatirons in Lafayette CO.  Go to to listen to this series.

02-23-20    I apologize, but I wasn’t able to post the message from 02-23-20.

NLC 02-16-20  We are showing a Series called “New Day” from Flatirons Church in Lafayette CO.  Go to to listen to this series.

NLC 02-09-20  We are showing a Series called “New Day” from Flatirons Church in Lafayette CO.  Go to to listen to this series.

NLC 02-02-20   The message accidentally wasn’t recorded.  We apologize for this error.  Please come back to check out next Sunday’s message.

NLC 01-26-20   We are showing a Series called “New Day” from Flatirons Church in Lafayette CO.  Go to to listen to this series.


NLC 01-12-20   Message by John A 01-12-20

NLC 01-05-19   Message by John A 01-05-20

No Message on 12-29-19.

NLC 12-22-19

NLC 12-15-19

NLC 12-08-19

NLC 12-01-19   “Don’t Let Go Of The Promise”

NLC 11-24-19

NLC 11-17-19

NLC 11-10-19    “Giving”

NLC 11-03-19   “Remember No More”

NLC 10-27-19    “Pray II”

NLC 10-20-19     “Praying I”

NLC 10-13-19    “But How?”

NLC 10-06-19   guest speaker John A

NLC 09-29-19   “What Does A Blessing Look Like?” 

Sep 22- A video was  shown during Worship Service, so there wasn’t a message given today.

Sep 15 – A video was shown during Worship Service, so there wasn’t a message given today.

NLC 09-08-19    “Cure For Anxiety”

NLC 09-01-19  “Don’t Be Anxious”

Aug 25 – A video was shown during Worship Service, so there wasn’t a message given today.

NLC 08-18-19   “Be Anxious For Nothing”

NLC 08-11-19    sorry but this message didn’t record…?

NLC 08-04-19  “Goodness and Mercy”

No message was recorded this morning.  Sorry!  There will be a message recorded next week, so please check it out next Sunday!  Thank you!

No message this morning.  Sorry!

NLC 07-14-19  “Fear No Evil”

NLC 07-07-19  “Dead To Sin and Alive To God”

NLC 06-30-19   John A Guest Speaker  “You Don’t Need To Know”

msg 06-23-19  Psalms 23 (Part 5)

We apologize…the Message wasn’t recorded for 06-16-19.

NLC 06-09-19  Psalms 23 (Part 3)

06-02-19  Due to the Mondamin “All Faiths” Service – no message was recorded.

msg05-26-19   Psalms 23 (Part 1)

The message for 05-19-19 was not recorded.

NLC 05-12-19     “Mothers Day”

NLC 05-06-19     “Works and Grace”

NLC 04-28-19   Guest Speaker – Chris F

msg 04-21-19   Easter

NLC 04-14-19   We Needed A Death

NLC 04-07-19    “Giving Thanks In All Things”

msg 03-31-19     Temptation

NLC 03-24-19   Guest Speaker – John A

03-17-19 NLC   “Satan’s Schemes”

NLC 03-03-19   “Temptation”

02-24-19            Due to the blizzard, church was cancelled again today.

02-17-19             Due to weather conditions, church was cancelled today.

NLC 02-10-19   “What I feel…or what I know?”

NLC 02-03-18   “Unforgiveness…Who Loses?”

nlc 01-27-19  “God’s Got This”

nlc 01-20-19   “Somethng New”

nlc 01-13-19     “Knowing Who You Are II”

nlc 01-06-19    “Knowing Who You Are”

NLC 12-30-18  “God With Us”

NLC 12-23-18   “Emmanuel”

NLC 12-16-18  “Knowing II”

NLC 12-9-18   “Knowing”

Due to snow and road conditions – church was cancelled this morning.

NLC 11-25-18   Servants

NLC 11-18-18   Thanksgiving

NLC 11-11-18  Power of Forgiveness

NLC 11-04-18   Hope For Today

NLC 10-28-18  Our Purpose

NLC 10-21-18   “Sifting – Part 2”

NLC 10-14-18   “Sifting – Part 1”

NLC 10-07-18    Guest Speaker John A

msg 09-30-18    “Leanness”

NLC 09-23-18    “Spiritual Battles”

NLC 09-16-18  Guest Speaker Chris F

NLC 09-09-18  Guest Speaker John A

NLC 09-02-18   Guest Speaker Chris F

NLC 08-26-18  “Abraham & Isaac”

NLC 08-19-18  “Prayer and Worship”

NLC 08-12-18  “Opposites”

msg08-5-18  “Worship”

NLC 07-29-18   “Prayer”

NLC 07-22-18   “Prayer, Praise & Worship”

NLC 07-15-18  “Soul Nourishment”

msg07-08-18   “Fear Is A Thief”

msg 06-24-18   “Listen And Obey”

Msg 06-17-18 – Thought it was being recorded…but didn’t double check!  This is my fault!  Please forgive me ignorance on this.  I WILL GET THE MESSAGE RECORDED 06-24-18!  Please don’t lose heart…weekly messages WILL be recorded regularly from now on! 

Msg 06-10-18 – No church service due to an Mondamin Heritage Days “All Faiths” Church Service in celebration of the 150th Anniverary of Mondamin IA.

Msg 06-03-18 – Message wasn’t recorded.

Msg 05-27-18 – No message was given due to a Congregation Meeting.

msg 05-20-18 Dick A (guest pastor)

msg 05-13-18  “Bitterness II”

msg 05-06-18   Tom A – filling in for regular pastor

No message was recorded on 04-29-18

msg 04-22-18  “Brokeness”

msg 04-15-18  “Repentance”

msg 04-08-18  “Penalty and Power”

Due to added Special Music & Easter Activities – a message was not recorded.  Hope you had a really nice Easter!

msg 03-25-18   “Remorse vs Repentance”

msg 03-18-18    “Iron Sharpens Iron”

msg 03-11-18    “Two Paths”

msg 03-04-18    “Needs”

msg 02-25-18     “Subtlety of Legalism II”

msg 02-18-18      “Subtlety of Legalism I”

msg 02-11-18   “Valentines 2018”

msg 02-04-18   “Communication”

msg 01-28-18  “Sanctification II”

msg 01-21-18   “Sanctification”

msg 01-14-18  “Fear Not II”

msg 01-07-18  “Fearing”

12-31-17 Church was cancelled due to Extreme Weather Conditions

msg 12-24-17  “Love Looks Like”

msg 12-17-17  “Peace”

The Message from 12-10-17 didn’t record.  Our apologies.

msg 12-03-17  “Where Is Your Hope?”

msg 11-26-17   “Acceptance”

msg 11-12-17  “Judging”

msg 11-05-17  “Sealed”

msg 10-29-17    “Set Your Mind”

msg 10-22-17   “Obey”

msg 10-15-17   “The Lie”

msg 10-08-17   “Adversary”

A message was not recorded for 09-24-17.  Please check next week for the 10-02-17 message.

msg 09-17-17   “Esther”

msg 09-10-17  Guest Speaker Tom A

msg 09-03-17   “Freedom”

msg 08-27-17    “Sun & Moon”

msg 08-20-17   “Witnesses”

msg 08-13-17  “Lord, I Just Can’t”

msg 8-06-17  “What We Are Under”

msg 7-30-17  “Sufficiency”

msg 07-23-17  “Smooth Paths”

msg 07-16-17  “What God Thinks About”

msg 07-09-17    “God Is Able”

msg 07-02-17    “Humbling”

msg 06-25-17

msg 06-18-17     “Father’s Day”

msg 06-11-17   “Why Do I Do?”

msg 06-04-17  “Psalm 23”

msg 05-28-17  “Why Do We Struggle?”

msg 05-21-17   “Newness of Life”

msg 05-14-17    “Submission”

There was NO Message on 05-07-17 due to a city-wide power outage.

msg 04-30-17  “Baggage”

msg 04-23-17

msg 04-16-17

msg 04-09-17

msg 04-02-17

msg 03-26-17

msg 03-19-17

msg 03-12-17

msg 03-05-17







The sermon was not recorded today.  Sorry!



The Kids Christmas Program was this morning…so there was no Message today!  Hope You Have a Merry Christmas!!



msg-12-04-16  Guest Pastor


Sorry, no message was recorded Nov 20th.







Note:  Message for 10-9-16 – volume is extremely low even at the highest setting – throughout the entire message.  We apologize for this inconvenience.






msg 08-28-2016

msg 08-21-16

msg 08-14-16

msg 08-07-16

msg 07-30-16

msg 07-24-16

msg 07-17-16

msg 07-10-16

msg 07-03-16 Eunice

msg 06-26-16

msg 06-19-16

msg 06-12-16

msg 05-29-16

msg 05-15-16

msg 05-08-16

msg 05-01-16

msg 04-24-16

msg 04-17-16

msg 04-10-16

msg 04-03-16

msg 03-27-16

msg 03-20-16

msg 03-13-16

msg 03-06-16

msg 02-28-16

msg 02-21-16

msg 02-14-16

msg 02-07-16

msg 01-24-2016

msg 01-17-16

msg 01-10-16

msg 01-03-16

msg 12-27-15

msg 12-20-15

msg 12-13-15

msg 12-06-15

msg 11-29-15

msg 11-22-15

msg 11-08-15

msg 11-01-15

msg 10-25-15

msg 10-18-15

msg 10-04-15 Dick A Guest Pastor

msg 09-27-15

I apologize…I was not able to upload the message for 09-20-15.

msg 09-13-15

msg 09-06-15

msg 08-30-15

I apologize…the message for 08-23-15 was not recorded.

msg 08-16-15

msg 08-09-15

msg 08-02-15

msg 07-26-15

msg 07-19-15 Teachers Appreciation

msg 07-12-15

msg 07-05-15

Message not recorded 06-28-15.  Sorry!

msg 06-21-15

msg 06-14-15

msg 06-07-15

msg 05-31-15

msg 05-24-15

msg 05-17-15

msg 05-10-15

msg 05-03-15

msg 04-26-15

msg 04-19-15

msg 04-12-15

msg 04-05-15

msg 03-29-15

msg 3-22-15

Sorry – No Message was recorded on 03-15-15.

msg 03-08-15

msg 03-01-15

Sorry – No Message was recorded on 02-22-15.

msg 02-15-15

msg 02-08-15

Sorry – No Message on 02-01-15.  Due To Heavy Snow, Church was Cancelled.

msg 01-25-15

msg 01-18-15

msg 01-11-15

msg 01-04-15

msg 12-28-14

Christmas Eve Service is not recorded.  Sorry.  Have a safe & fun New Years Holiday!

No message was recorded because of Children’s Play this morning.

No message was recorded this week.  Sorry.

msg 12-07-14

msg 11-30-14

No message.  A lot of singing!

msg 11-16-14

msg 11-09-14

msg 11-02-14

msg 10-26-14

msg 10-19-14

msg 10-12-14

msg 10-05-14

msg 09-28-14

msg 09-21-14

msg 09-14-14

msg 09-07-14

msg 08-31-14

msg 08-24-14

msg 08-17-14

msg 08-10-14

msg 08-03-14

msgf 07-27-14

msg 07-20-14

msg 07-13-14

missionaries Rosengrens 07-06-14

No message recorded on 06-29-14.  Sorry!

msg 06-22-14

msg 06-15-14

msg 06-08-14

msg 06-01-14

msg 05-25-14

msg 05-18-14

msg 05-11-14

msg 05-04-14

msg 04-27-14

msg 04-20-14

msg 04-13-14

msg 04-06-14

msg 3-30-14

Due to a severe weather forecast, church was cancelled…so no sermon…sorry!


I recently received a call from a person who was not able to get our Messages to play for a block of time from 07-21-13 thru 12-15-13.  I didn’t write down the name of that caller but SINCERELY want to thank her for not only taking the time to check MANY messages to see if they played…but took the time to CALL us to let us know we had a problem.

Those messages have since been deleted and then added again.  All re-added messages were then opened to assure that they played.  And they all play now…so feel free to enjoy them!  Again, to our diligent caller, THANK YOU for letting us know!  You are very much appreciated!



The 12-22-13 message was not recorded.  We had our Christmas Program that morning.

The 12-15-13 message was not recorded.  Sorry!


msg-12-01-13.mp3  Guest Speaker

No Message 11-24-13  (We spent time sharing our thankfulness for God’s blessings).






msg-10-13-13.mp3  Guest Speaker





msg-09-08-13.mp3  Guest Speaker  (You’ll have to turn up the volume on this message.)



The message was not recorded on 08-18-13.  Sorry!





msg 07-14-13

msg 07-07-13

msg 6-30-13

msg 6-23-13




We were not able to record msg 05-26-13.  Sorry!







msg 04-07-13  (We had a lil trouble recording today…so entire message wasn’t recorded)

We apologize, but we were unable to record the 03-31-13 Easter Services.

msg 03-24-13

msg 03-17-13

msg 03-10-13

msg 03-3-13

msg 02-24-13

msg 02-17-13

msg 02-10-13

msg 02-03-13

msg 01-27-13

msg 01-20-13

msg 01-13-13

msg 01-06-13

msg 12-30-12

msg 12-23-12

msg 12-16-12

msg 12-02-12  

msg 11-25-12 “Missionary Visit”

msg 11-18-12 “Thanksgiving 2012”

msg 11-11-12 “Harmony”

msg 11-04-12  “Conjoined

msg 10-28-12

msg 10-21-12

msg 10-14-12

msg 10-07-12

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