“Can EACH Family Bring Two Gift Donations NEXT Sunday” As normal, donations are way down for MEN & Teen Boys.  Please just bring your contributions to church NEXT Sunday and they’ll be included in the KIDS STORE.  THANK YOU!!

“The KIDS SHOP Event Is NEXT Sunday!  Here’s all the Information You’ll Need:

**Lunch will be provided for all the families…also Christmas refreshments.

**Parents will receive texts Wednesday evening advising total points for each child which determines the Shopping Order.  It will advise the approximate time your children will shop so you can plan your Sunday.

**If your child is one of the first 5 ki*s to shop, be sure they eat some lunch quickly so they’ll be ready to shop!

**A Shopping Runner may come to get your child during lunch for their turn.

**Additional points Dec 5 will be added to totals but won’t affect shop order.

**Your child will shop about 15 min and then will go to “Gift Wrap” where they can wrap their presents or some-one will help them wrap gifts.

“While we REALLY Wish we could treat the parents to a stress free afternoonwe NEED HELP in some areas. 

There’s a bulletin insert for you to consider.  We need help in these areas:

1) Shop Helper

2) Gift Wrapping

3) Setup (Today)

4) Teardown (next Sunday)

Please sign up this morning to help!

“Ladies Bible Study”  “Safe Within Your Love” by Hannah W Smith.  Meet Thurs Dec 16th at 11:30am & Bible Study at noon.

“Can You Help?”  Normally Neil clears snow for our church parking lot… We need 2-3 people to shovel sidewalks on Sundays. Will YOU help?

“Baby Basket Dec 12”  Need a volunteer for this event…and we SURE COULD USE some regular volunteers for Baby Basket.  ITEMS NEEDED: Girls & Boys 3T-5T, Boys Size 12-18 Mo AND Diapers Size 1 & Size 3

IT’S TIME! Today” Time to let Penny know the Name of the Book you read for the month of November.  The book must be from our church library.  YOU CAN DO THIS!   Check out the NEW BOOKS in the Library!  The Challenge runs from November thru May.

* Minimum page goal set for each book by age.

– Kids 5-7  (K-2)  15 pgs per book

– Kids 8-9  (3-4)   40 pgs per book

– Kids 10-11  (5-6)  60 pgs per book

– Teens  (7-12)  200 pgs per book

– Adults  300-400 pgs per book

Read ONE book a month from our library to earn a $10 gift certificate.  Miss one month?  You’ll still earn a $5 card if you miss 1 month

“Christmas Cards To Your Church Family” can be ‘mailed’ using the church mailboxes!  Spread some Christmas greetings!!

“Encouraging Words’

Thanksgiving Blessings:  Family,

God’s Grace and Faithfulness even when we don’t understand.  Melody

I’m thankful for God’s hand in the church Aubries’s health improving our new home    Atreju

I’m so blessed for the family that I married into.  And for having little Julia join us this year!  Courtney

I’m so blessed time to spend with God.  Annalise

I’m thankful for my Sisters and Brothers in Christ, who have ministered to me in so many ways it’s hard to write them all down.

 I am blessed in so many ways!  May God bless each one! Deanna J

I’m thankful for a loving family & grandma!  And for football!  Johnny

I’m thankful for 48 years together with my wife, Penny.   Leon

I’m thankful for my health this last year, For my family that takes care of me, and Florida weather!  Char

I am VERY Thankful for My salvation… for God who LOVES ME so much forever!  I am very thankful for My Husband, Leon;

 My Sons & Their Families. I am thankful for my extended family and church family!!  Penny

“Christmas Quotes”

“Who can add to Christmas? The perfect motive is that God so loved the world.

The perfect gift is that He gave His only Son. The only requirements is to believe in Him.”

Corrie Ten Boom

10:30am – Worship & Kids Church

Week At A Glance

Dec 5-12

Sun – 9:30am – Sunday School

12 Noon – Christmas Decorating

Tue – Group Prayer 7pm

Wed – Breakfast Fellowship 8:30am

Fri – Final Kids Shop Setup Day

Sun – 9:30am – Sunday School

10:30am – Worship & Kids Church

12 Noon-1pm – Baby Basket

Kids Shop Lunch & Event!!


Dec 17 – Ladies Bible Study